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What if you had a special friend who was always there to guide you, strengthen you, and pick you up when you fell? Someone more amazing than you could ever imagine.

A young girl. Bubbling over with the enthusiasm of discovering the world around her and with a faith well beyond her years. An elderly man. Pleasant and kind, yet cynical in spiritual matters. Erin and Chester were quite the odd couple. Yet the moment they met, they instantly forged an unbreakable bond. She needed his worldly wisdom. He needed her spiritual faith. Together they navigated the unpredictable path of life. Little did they know they weren’t alone. Enter Sam. Mysterious and a bit eccentric, Sam intertwined their paths on a journey so Erin and Chester might come to know a God who is literally with them all the time. Would Erin be able to understand beyond her youthful innocence? Would Chester be willing to put aside his preconceived notions of an often unbelieving world? Would either of them see the real Sam?

Join Erin and Chester as they seek to discover the many aspects of our infinite God. As you travel with them, take your own voyage of faith and grow closer to a God who not only loves us, but who is undeniably present in our lives each and every day.

It is a millisecond later . . .

. . . since waking up. That horrible millisecond that quickly passes as you go from being sound asleep, unaware, to knowing you are awake. I realize I am awake. I hear the birds chirping. It is daylight. The house is quiet. I haven’t moved yet except for my eyes opening. Maybe I can close them again and go back to oblivion. I wake up again. I move under the covers and remember. I feel the pain and remember the wet clothes and wet sheets from wetting the bed. Something evil happened last night. I can’t remember what it is. But why is the sun shining? Why did this day even occur? Why are the birds chirping? Don’t they know that I’m afraid? Don’t they know that evil occurred? Surely they wouldn’t be chirping if they knew. How can life go on with the sun shining when not many hours before darkness and evil were encountered?

*Indicates a book that may contain subject matter that is not appropriate for younger readers.

More than noble promises are lost when the ice breaks on World End Pond...

A murderous drowning...
A missing woman feared dead...
Its uncanny resolution depends upon a half-drowned man that discovers his better half survived.

Christopher Maguire is devastated after losing his parents in a plane crash and determined to raise his eight-year-old sister. Still reeling from the tragedy, he becomes an eyewitness to the jealous rage of his cousin. When he attempts to stop a brutal attack in the middle of a snowstorm, the ice suddenly gives way. Christopher wakes up suffering the consequences of oxygen deprivation and finds his former life has all but drowned too.

But in a cruel year, Christopher discovers the unique innocence and beauty of Mary, who strives to lead a normal life despite a neurological disorder. A strange apparition on a dark road emboldens him to embark on a risky journey to fill in the missing pieces of what happened when the ice broke. In the process, Christopher comes to realize how living on the margin allows him to discover the center.


When Piper Streyle failed to show up for work, a coworker called her home. Piper’s three-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Shaina, answered and said, “A mean man carried Mommy away.” Then the line went dead. In the tranquil region of southeast South Dakota, word of the young mother who was brazenly abducted from her home in broad daylight shocked residents. Piper was the second woman to vanish, following the startling incident of a young woman who narrowly escaped abduction by fighting for her life on a dark and secluded highway.

An intensive search by an elite team of investigators uncovered a secret crime location, but the discovery of a nightshirt cut in half, a burnt candle, and a homemade bondage board revealed the chilling truth behind the missing women. With the help of a quick-witted and streetwise maximum security prison inmate, prosecutor Larry Long and his team were able to piece together the sinister facts of the diabolical crimes.

Bestselling authors PHIL AND SANDY HAMMAN, along with former Attorney General LARRY LONG, dive into the grim and demented world of Robert Leroy Anderson, a sexual sadist, rapist, and murderer. Duct Tape Killer is also the story of perseverance and proof that love will not be extinguished by the ruinous evil that seeks to take root in our world.

(*) Denotes a title which may contain adult and/or thematic elements not suitable for those younger than 18.

On July 11, 1804, a single bullet changed the course of American history . . .

Alexander Hamilton lies wounded and feverish after a deadly duel that ended the life of Vice President Burr.  Hovering near death, he catches a glimpse of what lies ahead – and sees a Civil War that will consume a generation and poison America’s future.  This vision compels him to return to the political arena.  He sets his eyes on the Senate, and then the White House, enlisting former allies and reconciling with old enemies in his quest to become President and crush slavery. Overcoming great odds while facing down enemies at home and abroad, Hamilton moves steadily toward his goal - but there are some who will stop at nothing to derail the President’s crusade for liberty.  Will they succeed?

President Hamilton reintroduces us to the founding generation – the brilliant, crafty Thomas Jefferson, the diminutive genius James Madison, and professional curmudgeon John Adams – and brings on the next generation of American leaders – Henry Clay, John C. Calhoun, John Quincy Adams, and Andrew Jackson – in a lively epic of alternative history that begins with the famous duel at Weehawken and rewrites the history of the Nineteenth Century.  Can Hamilton persuade the Southern states to change their course? Can his powers of persuasion move the conscience of a nation?  Can one man change history?

Turn the page and find out!

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